It’s a human instinct to pass on mind-blowing gossips from one ear to the next. What’s more, the secrets bite the dust when they transform into tattle. Along these lines, it’s important to monitor them from gossip mongers who at that point trespass your privacy. The best way to keep a secret would not be sharing it with anyone at all. If you remain the only person in the world to know something, there is very little chance that this secret will ever be out. But not all of us are good at keeping secrets and therefore these insights will help you keep secrets effectively: –  

·         Keeping your mouth shut – As you read earlier, the best option is to take the secret with you to your grave. No one except you will know that secret if you just keep it to yourself.  

·         Never write it anywhere – You never know who might be secretly resin your daily diary. Never write or save it in any form anywhere. Most of the time when you tell someone while chatting, it ends up spreading as a screenshot image and there goes your secret in the wind.  

·         Acting normal all the times – Not everyone, but at times our friends or families can tell if we are hiding something or acting differently. Pretend like there is no secret to hide in the first place. Do everything the way you would have done without knowing the secret.    

·         Don’t think about it a lot – You keep a secret safe effectively if you don’t think about it a lot and forget about it yourself. If you forget about the secret itself, the possibility of you letting the secret out shrinks drastically.   

·         Changing topics of discussion -Sometimes the people around you might have a hint about the secret but they don’t know the whole truth. If they happen to discuss it, it will make you uncomfortable or give you away and everyone will know you are hiding something. So, it’s best to change the topic, but casually without anyone knowing what you are trying to do.  

·         Lie at times – Desperate times call for desperate measures. There may come a time when you won’t be able to hold the secret inside you any longer. In such a situation it is best to lie about it. Make up your own secret and deliver it just to get people off your back. It may seem unethical or deceiving but if you wish to keep the secret, you have to get over it.  

These are a few ways you can keep a secret. If someone trusts you with a particular secret, it is best to protect and keep it safe for their sake. Remember if you had a secret, you might expect the same from others.     

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