Happiness is not just an elusive moment or a temporary emotion, it a practice or a lifestyle that every human must adapt to. While we certainly can’t avoid the harsh truth that we have to go through depression, trauma and face new and difficult challenges life has to offer, we can still wake up fresh and start the day with a smile on our face. The circumstances and situations sometimes surely make us sad, but it is unjust to blame our unhappiness on our jobs, work-life, bad salary or the people around us. Because we can choose to be happy any time we want, we can be right now!! Here’s how: –  

1.       Finding happiness in little things – What most people ignore or let go are the little things or moments that actually make us happy for a while. We must learn to embrace those moments and cherish them. Every little thing that makes you smile is worth holding on to and celebrating. Don’t underestimate these things and always try to be happy for even the silliest things.  

2.       Drop out of the past – It is enough how much you have dwelt on the past. It is enough how much you regret the mistake you made. You have already suffered a lot for it and now it’s time to let go. Get over your past and start living in the present. In fact, use your past positively to tell yourself that if you don’t think about your happiness now, you will end up making the same mistake again and affect your happiness.  

3.       Exercise daily – One key feature to attain happiness is through physical stability. Perform yoga, meditation or go to the gym daily. Spend a little time on yourself. This is the time that you dedicate solely to yourself. Also exercising makes you feel refreshing and keeps you in a better shape which boosts your self-esteem.  

4.       Eat healthily – If you always eat a properly balanced diet, then you will never fall sick. This is another attribute that adds happiness your life. No person who eats unhealthy food and falls sick is ever happy about it.  

5.       Maintain a solid character – It is healthy to not let others’ opinion about you affect you. But even so, live your life in a way that no one will even think of hating you. Maintain a character or name of yourself, that is known for helping and compassionate nature. Love everyone and everything around you. Respect your elders and be obedient to your parents. That is how you receive love and appreciation from others making you happy.          

If you think about it, following these basics rules is exactly how every human should live his life. This is how everyone can be happy and satisfied in their life. Be glad and thankful for each day and live without any regrets.


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