With technology taking over everything, it’s also has entered the field of dating and romance. Online dating is a thing now, many dating apps are emerging to be quite successful. However, hardly anyone is looking for a permanent relationship on these apps but you never know, when you might find the one. Here are some tips for online dating.

· Have a correct mind-set

Before starting your search, have clarity in your head, as in what kind of relationship you are looking for and then set your mindset accordingly. Think about whether you are looking for a long term relationship or hook-up or something in between and build your profile accordingly.

· Stop looking for a perfect match

Stop looking for a perfect match. There’s never a perfect match, there’s always going to be some fault. Stop comparing your past experiences with the people online otherwise you’ll find no one correct for you. Eventually, you’ll get bored and also run out of people on the app. Decide some key points and stick to them, if the majority of them are available you can go for it.

· Use a good profile picture

Your profile photo is your first impression, don’t mess with it. Avoid keeping wallpapers as your profile picture. Keep your own photo without any group standing with you. Make sure your face is clearly visible so that you seem trustworthy to the other person.

· Listen to your gut

Always listen to your gut, after you start chatting with someone and if you feel this person is not right and your gut tells you to stop talking to the person. Always listen to your gut feeling. Don’t fall for sweet words and impressive profile. If your gut says he’s the one go for it.

· Meet IRL as soon as possible

Don’t delay your real-life meeting, it is necessary before you fall in love or move a step ahead in your chatting. After all, you can’t really know about a person unless you’ve met them in real life. To arrange a meeting as soon as possible and don’t take a step ahead unless you’ve met each other quite a few times.

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