1. Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness is being able to understand your emotions and enact them properly. Emotional wellness is very important in terms of living a good life and to build healthy relations. People who have healthy emotional wellness are confident, self-aware and have control over their feelings and behaviours. These help them overcome many life problems effortlessly.

2. Physical wellness

Physical wellness is nothing but physically fit and healthy. Physical wellness can be achieved by proper diet, exercise and sleep. All these three components are important to have physical wellness.

3. Intellectual wellness

Intellectual wellness is when you are keen to learn new things and know how to use your knowledge at the right place and right time. Intellectual knowledge is not limited only up knowledge but it is also about talent, skills and creativity used for personal growth.

4. Financial wellness

Financial wellness is about being satisfied with your financial condition. Finances are the main reason for the majority of people under stress. Therefore, financial wellness is quite important. It can be achieved by practising saving methods, reducing expenses, setting a budget, etc.

5. Environmental wellness

Environment wellness means having a healthy environment, natural and social. Your environment has a great impact on your health and how you feel. It can be achieved by keeping your home organised, having good relations with neighbours and relatives, keeping your surrounding nature clean.

6. Social wellness

Social wellness is being connected to society and finding a sense of belonging. Social wellness can be achieved by living in harmony with people, helping and showing kindness, having a strong bond with people around and good communication and social skills.

7. Occupational wellness

Occupation wellness is nothing but job satisfaction, you achieve true occupational wellness when you love what you do, you are happy and growing in your field. Occupational wellness can be achieved by finding a job that gives you financial and meaningful reward, finding a job that fits your values and ethics and skillset.

8. Spiritual wellness

Spiritual wellness is about your values and beliefs that help you find happiness and purpose of life. Spiritual wellness is necessary to find inner peace and a sense of self-confidence. A good set of values, confidence and peace are the measurements of spiritual wellness.

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