In a hasty and competitive world of ours, it’s back-breaking to achieve our goals. Even top of the class graduates finds it strenuous to get a job. It is this difficulty that makes it crucial to have and well-built CV/Resume. Computer skills that can make it possible are –

  • Microsoft office suite- Inclusive of several different software, for multiple uses, Microsoft office is a necessary skill to master. Microsoft PowerPoint is used widely for displaying presentations. Excel is used for keeping records and maintaining a spreadsheet. Word is used to make crucial documents like a resume, forms, applications, letters etc. Apart from these, Microsoft suite consists of other important software like OneNote, Forms, Access, Publisher etc.
  • G- suite – Similar to its competitor, used for similar purposes as of MS Office, G-suite is Google’s free to use software program. It has a more advanced interface and is easy to use.  Google Docs can be used to make documents or pdfs. Google sheets and slides software are similar to MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Other programs include JAM board, Blogger, Google Classroom which is widely used for online teaching, Google Keep etc.
  • Animation – Learning something out of ordinary can be highly effective on a resume. Mastering animation software can open doors to a lot of jobs. One doesn’t have to be an IT specialist to learn animation. Creating GIFs, developing your cartoon, creating a MEME, all this can be done by learning animation software. Adobe Character Animator, Toon Bloom Harmony, Pencil 2D, Moovly are some programs to look for.
  • Blogging Software –   Widely trending now, blogging has become an effortless skill to learn. Programs like Google Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Tumblr etc. can be a preferable choice. These are easy to use platforms and can help foster your talents.
  • Computer skills – Using a computer for normal day to day life is not much of a task, but when it comes to advance use, one must know the appropriate use of a computer.
  •   Keyboard shortcuts – These shortcuts were eventually created to enhance computing experience and save time. E.g. Ctrl +C, Ctrl + V is used to copy-paste instead of using a mouse to do so, thus saving time and efforts.
  •     Internet basics – One must learn to determine the best website to visit during a web search, but also consider safety. Websites marked without https are considered insecure. Also using multiple tabs, useful extensions, bookmarks, managing passwords are all crucial and time-saving while using a browser.

Mastering some of these platforms can be very influential in a resume. All of these skills can be learned from home through online tutorials. Commence with a single software and gradually you can master any software of your choice.