Many of us live our lives on the basis of what people think, we do or don’t do certain things on the basis of what people might think about it. We’ve always let people’s opinions affect us. In fact, we revolve our lives around their happiness.

Why do we let others’ opinions affect us?

It’s simple. We live in a society or a community, along with many other people, there are lots of opinions about you from the people who know you. In such a case,you find it difficult to ignore what others think about you. It’s not an alien concept we all live with this. Let’s accept the fact that people are mean and some of them can pass rude comments on your face. The insult, their words all hurts us and we start to change ourselves so that we don’t have to listen to it again. We all have done this. Unfortunately, many of us feel that if someone elderly is being rude and giving their outstanding opinion we must listen to them with respect and they are wishing good for us. But get it clear no one in this world wishes for your good except your parents and you yourself.
Why shouldn’t we let others opinions affect us?

When you let someone’s opinion affect you, you begin to change yourself or you begin to doubt yourself. You lose confidence and your self-esteem is affected. You see others’ opinions are doing no good to you. Also when we avoid doing what we love because of ‘what people might think’ let me tell you one thing no one really cares and people are going to judge you anyway. So why not be yourself and do what you love. You should instead spend your energy in knowing yourself better and try living your life on your terms.