· Promote work-life balance

For every employee to be productive it’s important that their work-life balance is maintained otherwise it’s going to impact on their efficiency and eventually bring loss to the company. To promote work-life balance a company can provide, work from home option to its employees, travelling concession, flexible hours and travel leave.

· Encourage Communication

Another thing to build a healthy work environment is to encourage communication between employees. It is very necessary for the employees to bond with each other and their managers. To carry out teamwork smoothly, also better relations with colleagues motivate you to go to the office and keep your mood happy. To improve communication between employees there should be monthly lunch or games session in the office. Better communication also helps the boss to resolve conflicts among the employees

· Rethink the office design

If the office is painted in boring colours with low space to move around, you must think to renovate the office. Add greenery into your office, add a canteen space where employees can spend their free time. Also, make your office more spacious. Add amenities that can help employees refresh their mind. A boring office can affect productivity.

· Nurture great work culture

Great work culture is important to retain employees. Work culture means company values, leadership style, company structure, internal behaviour or internal communication. If you don’t have great work culture all your strategies and planning is waste. How the company works internally affects a lot on the employees. It’s not a one-man show to improve work culture but everyone should be involved in creating and maintaining a better work culture.

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