Social media has become one of the biggest lies in the world. Everybody tries to show or to portray their perfect life on their profile. Social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are definitely a great platform for connecting with your loved ones. There are various facilities that are provided like calling, texting, sending pictures, sending voice text, and much more. Instagram is a platform where you can share your pictures and videos. It has become a great way to portray your life through pictures and videos. However sad one’s life might be in real life it’s all lit up on social media apps like Instagram. Instagram has become the most used app nowadays. And people have been taking a lot of effort to show their perfect life. Well, that’s not always true, we all have an imperfect life. Everybody has problems, but they try their best to conceal them out of their social life. While the people watching it might get all jealous and feel bad about their own life being so sick. It hampers self-esteem and affects your emotional and mental well-being and gives you the feeling of left out of the world. We spend most time scrolling through other people’s lives that we forget to look after our own life. We also tend to waste all that good time we get of our life behind.

Here is how it affects our mental and emotional well-being

  • Lowers self-esteem and confidence

Seeing someone who is already doing better than you and perfectly gives you low self-esteem and you doubt yourself and your process. One should know whatever other people are portraying is just their way of showing a perfect life, it may not true.

  • Brings about negative emotions like envy and jealousy

Seeing through your friends’ pictures and posts lead to negativity and eventually cursing your own life. You might get jealous of them and envy them. It makes it harder to accept your life the way it is.

  • Effects on relationships

Relationships are shown so perfectly on social media, but not necessary they are that perfect, they have their problems as well. But the people watching all that might try to make their love life that perfect and forget about the love and be in a race to prove to the world their love.

  • Makes you unproductive

Social media surely does keep a person busy and makes us unproductive and lazy. Everybody is just looking into their phones busy. Forgetting about time, and continue browsing more and more. Social media is limitless, one must not get stuck up and pay less attention to their own life.

  • Gets you in the social media pressure

There re various challenges that are performed out of trend and are sometimes dangerous. But we are under the pressure of keeping up with the trends and try to go beyond the comfort zone to do it. You’ll feel lonely and depressed and would face different mental pressure. This might lead you to do unusual things.

  • Lacking in actually showing up your hobbies and interests

You might concentrate so much on others’ life that you forget totally about your own. You’ll fall short in showing up your hobbies and interests. You’ll feel you aren’t good enough. And always complain to your own self about not being perfect.

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