Do you want your child to create the world’s next big tech platform?

WhiteHat Jr is a Mumbai based Edtech startup initiated by Karan Bajaj. This platform focuses on teaching coding to young kids. It’s preferred for children of age 6 to 18 for learning basic programming and further develop games, animations and applications. There are live 1:1 online teaching formats and a research curriculum. There are various subjects like data structure, app and game development to machine learning and space technology. The startup was recently launched in December 2018. WhiteHat Jr serves as a platform for aspiring young tech creators with innovative in-house programs such as Silicon Valley Challenge and Fellow 15 Under 15. It is a wonderful platform for teachers to become independent learners and to help children develop their essential tech skills for future. The course fee for grades 1-9 ranges from ₹4,499 to ₹19,999 depending on the type of course you choose. The children get a wide knowledge of logic, structure, sequence, commands and using the algorithmic thinking to create complex games, animation and apps. Their mission is to empower the upcoming generation to become creators and consumers of technology.

Here are few results proven to be found in your child after using WhiteHat.

  • Creativity vs consumption

Your child learns to code and to build their own games, animation and apps. This fundamentally changes the relationship with the technology and to become a creator rather than a consumer.

  • 75% improvement in math and logic

Kids learn commands, loops, sequences and conditions which further strengthen their logic and technical skills and make them more involved in maths and logic. This results in measurable improvement in their math score.

  • Transforming abstract thoughts

Your child learns decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition and algorithmic thoughts and solve problems logically. This results in improvement in abstract thinking and transform thoughts into ideas.

  • Strength and confidence

Kids use analytical skills, attention to detail and persistence to create tangible code as good as tech entrepreneurs, ready for products to commercialize in the world. The resilience learnt in using tools to create outcomes strengthens every part of life.

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