It is very difficult to compare between wisdom and knowledge. Actually, some say knowledge and wisdom are the same but practically that is not true. Because knowledge is the facts known by the person through various ways like Google search, through different people, through family or friends, etc.. Wisdom is a combination of knowledge and experience you get in your life. Knowledge and wisdom look similar but wisdom is far superior to knowledge. Knowledge is the collection of facts and data that you have learned. It is awareness about something and having information through various sources like study, research, investigation, and observation, etc. If we just accumulate knowledge and information it is not of any use. You should apply that knowledge and experience in your day to day life. And through practical experience, you achieve wisdom.

Suppose we take the example of money and investment. Knowledge will give you information about how to manage money, budgeting, spending, saving but that is not sufficient. In another way, wisdom is understanding how money impacts the quality of your life as well as the future. That is the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Wisdom is the modification of knowledge and experiences into insights that enhances one’s understanding of relationships and the meaning of life. Knowledge is like a tool, and wisdom is the method in which the tool is used. Wisdom is generally considered to be morally better, in contrast to knowledge. When we have the ability to assimilate and apply this knowledge to make the right decisions, your knowledge becomes wisdom. People who are wise will know when what they are doing makes sense, but also when not be good enough. Basically, it is exactly this kind of self-knowledge that pushes them to do something about it.


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