Divorce can have a negative impact on the psychology of your kids. It can make them behave very weirdly around other people because they might be mentally disturbed. Don’t misunderstand the fact that depression can only be caused to adults, even kids can face depression and divorce of their parents can be one. If you are getting divorced it’s your responsibility that it doesn’t affect your child negatively. Hence, you and your partner together must take care of your child no matter what differences exist between both of you.

· Make your children feel loved

Don’t ignore your child, no matter what you are facing in your life. It’s none of your child’s fault. Don’t ignore them and don’t make them feel left out because of your fights. Make them feel loved. Pay attention to them, there are many examples of what children have done to gain the attention of their parents and they are not good, you would never want your child to behave like that. Just show some love, don’t deprive them of the love they deserve from both of their parents.

· Encourage your child to communicate

With all the divorce thing going on in your house it’s likely that there are many questions arising in your child’s mind. However, they might be scared to speak up or might not understand how to speak to you. But they must take it all out, so encourage them to speak up. You might begin the conversation and then address all their queries. Let them know they can speak to you anytime and about anything.

· Get others involved

If it’s too difficult for you to handle your kids and the stress of getting divorced, get your families or friends involved. However, make sure they have a great bonding with your kids. You can send your kids to their grandparents for few days until you sort things out or the grandparents can come to visit you from time to time, which will be of great help while settling down after divorce.

· Avoid arguing in front of your kids

Don’t argue in front of your kids, it’s not good for their mental health. When kids see their parents fighting they get scared and it eventually affects their health. So, avoid arguing in front of them.

· Let them have the same bonding with their other parent

If you got the custody of your child, don’t stop them from meeting their other parent. Let them share a good bonding with both of their parents. Don’t make them feel that you hate it when they speak to their dad. Remember, a child needs both his parents the most. Always be there for them even if you are not together.

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