A human heart is much simpler anatomically when it comes to feelings. It can feel complex emotions towards anyone anytime. Sometimes you hate a person so much, but still, you can’t stop thinking about them. Similarly, even if we tell ourselves that we cannot fall in love with our best friend as it can affect our friendship. We may even lose them forever.  This is why having feelings for your friend can be painful and in a way awkward too. Use the following tips to make sure you express your feelings but also keep your friendship alive: –

  •  Be sure about your feelings – Wait and assess your feelings before taking action. Don’t forget that the person you are proposing to is your friend and not just any other random individual you met in a bar. You may just easily have a normal crush the way you have at every other attractive person. Don’t mistake it for love. It is not like they are getting married tomorrow, take your time and think hard and be sure about your feelings.
  • Don’t ignore them because of awkwardness – It’s not just about them, it is difficult for you too. Switching to being a love partner from a friend if new for you as well. And as long as you keep acting like a usual friend, they will never see you as something more than a friend. You can try a little mild flirting or commenting about their good looks. Try giving them a hint about how you feel for them.
  • Observe your friend – While you slowly make your move make sure to observe how they react to it. If even for once you feel like he or she is ignoring your hints or if they seem to be uncomfortable by your flirting, fall back immediately. Remember we cannot hurt their feelings and we have to maintain the friendship.
  • Don’t expect too much – Prepare yourself for any kind of negative reaction from your friend. For safety, keep assuming that the answer may be a no and make up your mind for it. This will hurt you less if things don’t go as you had planned.
  • Focus on being friends even after proposal – When you propose, make sure to mention that your feelings won’t interfere with the friendship that you have built over the years, irrespective of their answer. It takes time and trust to make such a good friend, you don’t want to lose that.
  • Be patient – Accept whatever decision he or she takes and get on with your normal life. Remember you were ready for such an answer. Sometimes it takes time for them to realize that they have feelings for you too. You proposing out of the blue may surprise them which may lead them to hide their feelings and find a narrow escape. So wait and let them figure out their feelings for you.

These points should help you propose as well as maintain your friendship.