Once you break up with someone, you try to move on with your life and try to forget the past happenings. With time as your wounds heal you forget why you left your ex, and some good memories come back to you. You feel good and think of getting back with them or texting them to be friends.

If you ever having thoughts of getting back with your ex, here are seven things to consider why it isn’t a great idea.

  • Know that you have broken up for a reason

Remember the reasons why you had broken up with that person, remember why things happened between you both. Don’t sacrifice anything for them because they are just going to end up disappointing you.

  • Treasure your self-respect

Always treasure your self-respect never let it low in front of anyone ever. Question yourself before getting along with them if it’s all worth it and if it’s protecting your self-respect.

  • Things don’t change with time

Once you get back with them you’ll realize it’s the same person and the same issues. Time is a relative thing and it doesn’t change with the person or the things that happened between you.

  • You’ll be back where you started

Doing the same things and expecting different results is a sign of insanity. You’ll try to change things but you’ll land on the same conclusions.

  • Regret wasted time

You only live once, wasting your precious time on the same person again to just break your heart again and failing with your self-respect.

  • You were not good enough once

There was a time when your ex left you because you weren’t good enough for them. You would never be good enough for them ever now however to try to fix that.

  • There are plenty of options

Take this opportunity to breakup and explore your options, get in touch with different people. Try different dating apps or ways. There is plenty of fish in the sea so take your chance.

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