First of all many of you are not being able to talk with your crush and when you do you talk something stupid because of the anxiety you get when your crush is around. However, it’s important that you choose your words wisely around your crush so that you can woo them and not shoo them away. Here are some things you should never say.

Things that can make you sound desperate:

· Oh yeah, I saw that on your social media account.

· You know, I’m tired of being single!

· I think your mom would totally love me if she met me.

· Do you want to make out?

· I think you and I would make a wonderful couple. When are you planning on asking me out?

Things that can make your partner run away:

· My mom wants to meet you.

· What do you feel about marriage? Are you looking to get hitched soon?

· Our babies would be sooo cute!

· I’ve been dreaming about you every night.

· My ex broke up with me because he thought I was too clingy.

Things that can make you sound dominating

· I sent you 5 texts! Why didn’t you reply?

· Why are you friends with her/ him? I don’t like her/him.

· I’m way better looking than your ex.

· I would love for you to take me to XYZ restaurant for dinner.

Things that can indicate that you are in love

· You are so much better than my ex.

· I get attached to people very easily.

· How many girlfriends/flings have you had in the past?

· I love how your hair looked last Wednesday.

· You look so different in that old profile picture of yours from 3 years ago.

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