What is love?

Everyone has different opinion and thoughts about love depending on their experience, but the one’s who have experienced true love have similar thoughts about it. Love is all about giving, love is when you are happy when the other person smiles and cry when the other person is sad. Love is often misunderstood for many things like attraction, infatuation, lust or sometimes even friendship what we call is a platonic friendship. Here are some writers talking about love according to their experiences.

Love? Love is when you are ready to do every possible and positive thing for someone – SiD

Love. What is it truly? Love is a spiritual state, an intangible, often insatiable need to put one’s needs above your own. To provide peace, stability and smiles to those who have made the long transition from your mind to your heart.- Bella Vespira

Love is not an equation, it is not a contract, and it is not a happy ending. Love is the slate under the chalk, the ground that buildings rise, and the oxygen in the air. It is the place you come back to, no matter where your headed- Jodi Picoult

I’ve never known before what it feels like to want someone – not to want to hook up with them or whatever, but to want them, to want them. And now I do. So maybe I do believe in epiphanies.- John Green

What is love? Love is when your heart has a raging boner.- Oliver Markus Malloy

Falling in love is more than infatuation. It is the need to feel whole, to feel safe, to be healed, to join together with someone, heart and soul.- Michael R French

Love is inconvenient. Love is untidy. Love is relentless, ruthless and rapacious. Done well, it’s hilarious, playful and redemptive.- Regina Barreca

Love is a more powerful force than magic. You can trick the mind and even the heart, but never the soul. When a person is not free to love with their soul, that is not love and that is why a love spell can never truly work.- Nikki Jefford

Romantic love, I think, requires a degree of physical attraction, but devotion is needed to maintain it as an actual relationship. Physical attraction is a feeling you don’t really have control over, but devotion is something that has to be chosen. So, ideally… I suppose it’s passion combined with the commitment to value someone else completely above oneself.- Angela N. Blount

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