· Family genuinely loves you

Your family loves you unconditionally without expecting anything in return. They are the ones who’ll always be at your side in good times and bad times. At your Lowest and at your highest. They know every struggle of your life and respect it with all their heart. We often tend to listen to our friend’s advice or other people’s advice over our family’s advice, we forget that our family will never think of our bad and their advice and tips are only for our best.

· Family knows you better than you yourself

Sometimes in life we fail to understand ourselves as to what kind of person we are turning into while being with certain people or a certain company. But the people who are really around us can make it out sooner and hence family being always accompanying us in the path of life they are the people who actually can make out our real colours and nature. While you might take the wrong path, other people won’t make you aware of it but your family will surely warn you about it, listen to them and change yourself as soon as possible.

· Family comes first

Family comes first by this we mean, in whatever problems or in whatever situation you are stuck in, your family is the first one to come to your rescue. When you are hospitalised, when you need money, when you aren’t feeling good, the family is someone who’ll never leave your side, they’ll always be the first people to help you. So, the family should always be your first priority They always will support your most silly zeal of life and always support you to grow and glow. For us, the family should come first always when it comes to celebrating the joy and also all the griefs and tensions. They’ll definitely support us and want us to come out of it

· Family is the most stubborn

They are the most stubborn people they’ll never leave your side no matter what other people say. Even if the whole world is against you the only people by your side until the end of your life will be your family, always cherish this fact and respect it no matter what anybody says.

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