Happiness is a choice! You choose to be happy or unhappy. Happiness hardly depends on external factors but it surely depends on how you feel inside. If you start searching for happiness inside of you you’ll definitely find the reasons why are or why aren’t you happy. Here are five internal reasons why you can stop searching for happiness.

· Comparing yourself with others

Comparison is the biggest enemy of your happiness. You must understand that every human is different and everyone is good and bad in different regions. There’s no single individual that is exactly the same as you and thus you can’t compare yourself with others as you’ll always be disappointed. If you want to be happy stop comparing yourself with others. Compare you with you and see if you have improved from what you were a few years back.

· You are stuck in your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone, unless you are stuck in your comfort zone you are ceasing yourself from experiencing a greater level of happiness. Happiness is not just existing and achieving what you want. There’s a huge the world out there, meeting new people, visiting new places can give you an immense amount of happiness, which you’ll never experience if you didn’t come out of your comfort zone.

· You are not grateful for what you have

Being grateful creates a beautiful loop, due to which whenever you are grateful for things you have the universe gives you more things to be grateful for. But when you are not grateful you terminate the opportunity of being happy or receiving more happiness. Always be thankful for the things you have and things you don’t have.

· Glued to past or future

Living in the present is quite important. When you are glued to your past you stop or restrict yourself from enjoying your present and living your life to the fullest. We often start thinking about our future or regretting our past and forget to live in the moment the only thing we have in our hands.

· You don’t move your body

Being lazy and sitting or sleeping in one single place can deprive you of real happiness. Happiness does not come from resting but it comes from resting after hard work. Get yourself moving, do household chores, exercise, play sports etc. The happiness you’ll receive from these activities can’t be received by sleeping all day and lazing around.

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