Ever been in an abusive relationship?

Abusive relationships are a rare kind of relationship. This kind of relationship is not good for health. It’s obvious for someone who is been in an abusive relationship to believe that it’s their fault and that somehow deserves to be abused. Well, that’s not always true. It is important to know that you should never blame yourself for the way an abusive person treats you.

Once you find out the signs of an abusive relationship, you should never be in the relationship and dump that person and move on in life. If you ever find out your partner is trying to control your behavior or threatens to harm you or you are scared of your partner, all these other signs of an abusive relationship.

Abusive relationships don’t just limit to physical violence it can include sexual emotional and physical abuse.

Here are a few key signs to know whether you are in an abusive relationship

  • Possessiveness

Possessiveness in a relationship is healthy but in a limited manner. If your partner keeps checking on you all the time or control you where to go, whom to go with, and gets angry if you don’t tell them what they asked, it should ring in your mind to leave the relationship right away.

  • Jealousy

They get jealous of you and accuse you of being unfaithful or for flirting with someone. They might get too jealous and might try to isolate you from your friend circle or family. This sign is also a sign of an abusive relationship.

  • Puts you down

Your partner always tries to put you down and try to eat your points in the discussion, discouraging in life matters, it is a sign that you leave them as they can limit your performance and success. You’ll always focus on the negative rather than focusing on the positive in life.

  • Physical and sexual violence

Physical or sexual abuse is not accepted. Whether in a relationship or not you should never have a person physically or sexually without their permission. Simple physical homes like pushing showing hitting or grabbing and forcing for having sex is unacceptable and you should definitely get rid of such relationships