It is said that happiness is not found but it is made, it does not depend upon the number of things you do have or you don’t have it depends upon how we make use of the things you do have. Happiness and satisfaction are two different sides of the coin we can say. There are chances that happy people can be satisfied and satisfied people can be happy that is what is happening, let us elaborate the things how is it possible. Happiness is important or satisfaction, that is always a debatable point. Happiness is always related to physical things such as money, assets or achievement, etc. lots of things can give you happiness but not necessarily it will give you satisfaction. Sometimes you don’t need physical things to be satisfactory. In today’s world when you going to your workplace the things you do throughout your day to day work, both are playing roles in making you happy and satisfied. Satisfying a person is always considered to be the best feeling.

┬áThere are various comparisons that are made regarding happiness and satisfaction. Happiness is a feeling of bliss, while satisfaction is a feeling of contentment. Happiness can be lost once an individual fails to achieve something well satisfaction only diseases when the individual knows he won’t be achieving something. Happiness can be shared and enjoyed with your dear ones, satisfaction is enjoyed by the person itself. Happiness can be counted, satisfactions are countless.

Therefore concluding, we can’t really choose one of both happiness and satisfaction, we have to try to find both together and enhance life. It’s important to become satisfied and happy both, so much of that is a choice

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