In this new era of technology, it would be awful if you didn’t introduce your child to different and interesting learning techniques available on the internet. Though your child should not spend more time on screen, it’s perfectly fine if they spend an hour learning something new and exciting about life and responsibilities. This will only help your child to be mature faster and learn things quicker than other methods. Here are some websites that are sharing some interesting things on their page helpful for children.

1. News-o-matic

This is a news website created for kids. They post content that helps the kids learn about the world and its happenings on their websites specially made for kids.

2. PBS kids

This website is filled with games, educational activities and videos that will amuse both child and parent. It’s an amazing website to make your child learn as well as have fun and improve their brain activity.

3. National Geographic kids

The National Geographic Kids website teaches kids about animals, plants, space, the natural world, and more. They use games, videos, and online activities to connect children with learning about our natural world.

4. How stuff works

This site is designed for slightly older children, the articles and videos show how things work. Some of the skills that kids can learn through using this site include building, gardening, self-direction, creativity, researching, empathy, understanding different cultures, and developing novel solutions.

5. Nourish interactive

It is a free website and is directed towards child nutrition. There are games, printable activities, recipes and tools on this site that teach children about nutrition. The site teaches a life skill of cooking with many healthy recipes

6. Fun brain

It is a free educational website that enables kids to learn as well as have fun at the same time. Children can access various activities without a subscription. Kids are taught the following skills while playing on this website: problem-solving, puzzle-solving, reading, vocabulary, math, and reasoning.

7. Academic skill builder

The website is designed to help young students acquire math, language arts, English and critical-thinking skills. This site is filled with games and activities to keep kids entertained while learning.

8. Star fall

It’s a subscription website but the fees are quite low as it is run by a non-profit organisation. They teach skills like addition, subtraction, counting, division, equations, fractions, geometry, grouping, measuring, multiplication, number recognition, shape recognition, reading, letter recognition, and word recognition.

9. Fact monster

It’s an amazing website where kids can find facts on dozens of subjects on this site along with a dictionary and atlas. This website comes handy when it comes to completing homework and projects as it is loaded with lots of information.

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