· Teach them art and craft

Teach your kids art and craft activities. If you are not good at it, you can yourself learn from YouTube and teach them. Involving your kids in art and craft will help them get those creative wings in them. It’s a great activity to pass your time and improvise your talent.

· Play indoor games

Play indoor games with your kids. Games like Carrom, Chess, cards etc. Can be played indoors and are packed with lots of fun. Play along with your kids in your free time, it can bring more fun to the game and even you’ll have something to do in your free time.

· Play treasure hunt in your house

This is going to be a seriously fun activity. Design some clues with the next clue written in them and place them all over your house, let your kids find each clue until they reach to the last clue. In the last clue right the place where you have hidden the treasure. It can be their favourite food.

· Teach them cooking

Teach your kids the basics of cooking in this lockdown. Involve them when you cook, tell them about the dos and don’ts in the kitchen. Teach them how to make tea. Bake a cake together and decorate it with your kids. This can be the best way to spend time along with some learning.

· Dancing

Turn on the music and shake your body and ask your kids to dance too. Dancing is the best way to exercise and move your body when you can’t go out of your home. Your kids are not going to school, they are not going to the playground, as such, they have no physical activity, dancing can be an amazing physical activity along with lots of fun.

· Yoga and basic exercise

In the morning, make your kids do yoga. Teach them some basics of yoga. Learning yoga at a young age can be very easy, as your body is much more flexible when you are young.

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