· Set up space to study

Have a dedicated space for them to study. Avoid making them study next to you in the kitchen or in the living room. As they might get distracted and distracted kids can’t bring back their focus quickly. So having space only set up for studies will help them stay focused and motivated. See that the space is comfortable and doesn’t receive much of the outside noise.

· Fix a routine study time

Allot one or two hours of the day, when they should study. Don’t make them study at any time of the day as it might mess up with the plans in their head and making them frustrated and thus they might avoid studying or just pretend to be studying. Having a fixed time will help them make their plans around the study time and hence, they will study in their allotted time as they have planned everything.

· Make sure to ask them questions

After their study session is over, make sure to ask questions on the topics they studied that day. This will assure you that they actually studied and didn’t just pretend also it will be a kind of revision. If they aren’t able to answer make them learn it again. So that from next time they’ll study sincerely.

· Praise them when they did well

If you are scolding them for not studying, you must also praise them when they did well. Now, schools are arranging online lectures and coming up with online tests. Praise them when they did well in the test or answered you correctly when you ask questions. You may also give them small rewards like chocolate or preparing their favourite food or buying them ice cream.

· Spend more time with them

Apart from studies, spend time with them to have a good chat session or an indoor games session. Teach them cooking and keep them happy. Many people don’t even think of children’s happiness, it’s important that you see that your kid is not sad or depressed for a long time. Spending time with them will help you know, what’s going on with them and enable you to keep a check on your kids.

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