Do you remember the results of your first ever exam you gave as a kid? Probably no one does since it was a long time ago. But what about those exams that were crucial and played a key role in deciding which field of studies we must approach to? The results of such exams can never be forgotten. Good grades help us choose the field of study we are interested in and get us into a better college. Yes!! grades are important and they can decide a lot about our future choices. But nothing beats the talent we possess.

If Michael Jackson knew he was going to become a renowned dancer and singer, why would he ever focus on getting good grades? Sachin Tendulkar, a world-renowned cricketer didn’t even go to college. His grades did not make him successful, his talent with a sprinkle of hard work did!! If you score less, that doesn’t mean the end of the world. The world is huge and you have lots of opportunities waiting for you. People see the success, not the way you achieved it. They admire you for what you are and at that moment, no one even cares if you were a topper or a lower in school and college. Sure, grades matter in a lot of aspects. But if you fail to score good, you can always retry. If not, you can just pursue your interests and dreams. You don’t mandatorily have to build your success based on grades.

After some years all those mark sheets are going to rest in peace in some old file in your closet that you probably won’t even remember. As the saying goes ‘A piece of paper cannot decide your future’, your grades won’t matter to you in future. But that doesn’t mean you give up on studies and not care about your grades. Just live in the moment and work hard on your talents. Show the world what you are capable of with or without good grades!!