There’s no point in working hard if you have no life to enjoy the hard-earned money. There’s no fun in working if it doesn’t make you happy if it doesn’t let you spend time with your loved ones. Work-life balance is very important and every organisation should take care that all their employees get enough life outside work. However, it doesn’t completely depend on the organisation some part of maintaining balance is your responsibility and here’s what you can do to balance work and family life.

· Talk to your family

If you are facing any issues at work and can’t make yourself available to the family, talk to them and let them know that you want to spend time with them but couldn’t, I am sure they will understand you and half of your stress would be released. When you talk to your family you can ask for help from them to deal with the situation appropriately, our family is our biggest support system and their understanding and help can be a great relief.

· Set boundaries

Set boundaries at work, learn to say no when you are not liable to complete any work that is forced upon you. Helping is another thing but being used is wrong and hence to stop being used by your colleagues and other co-workers you need to set clear boundaries and learn to say no whenever necessary. Especially, when your work doesn’t let you have a life outside the office.

· Stick to your work schedule

Setting a schedule is very important if you want to complete your job on time. Setting a schedule helps us allot time to each work and thus we can plan out tasks and manage time for family and personal life. However, setting a schedule is not enough, you must also stick to it and follow your schedule religiously without procrastination.

· Regular outings with family

Plan out regular outings with the family. This is the best way to take time off from work and spend quality time with the family. Outings also help you relax and bond well with your family. Therefore, you must take a small trip every month and a vacation every 6 months or every year as feasible.

· Switch off your phone when home

When you reach home switch off your mobile phone and disconnect yourself from the office work and stress. Be fully present with your family. Spending time with family is like a therapy that makes us stress-free and happy after a long tiring day but if you get work in this time too then you are not only unfair to yourself but also to your family.

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