It is normal to argue with your partner but having a heated argument is not ideal for your relationship. So here are a few tips you can follow to avoid arguments turn ugly.

· Talk about your feelings

If you are angry with your partner or hurt by their behaviour, talk to them politely instead of arguing and shouting. In a relationship, it is very essential to talk to each other about your feelings and sort out the issues peacefully.

· Don’t raise your voice

Avoid raising your voice on your partner, it will act as a fuel in the fire. Instead, talk at a normal pitch. Even if your partner is raising their voice, you stay calm. This will automatically lower your partner’s pitch.

· Don’t abuse

Never abuse your partner. It can harm your relationship to the extent that it can break. Abusing is not a good habit and should not be used while arguing with your loved one.

· Take your time and think about it

When you are fuming with anger take some time to think about the reason and if you argue, think about the effect. While you take time to think you also calm yourself down. This is a great exercise to avoid ugly arguments.

· Try to understand

Every relationship should be based on understanding. Whenever you are feeling angry or hurt, try to understand the thing from your partner’s perspective. Why did your partner behave the way she behaved? I am sure there must be some valid reason. Talk to your partner, ask why? And their answer will help you understand their perspective and end the argument.

· Confront your partner

If you are hurt by certain behaviour of your partner don’t start arguing straightaway. First confront your partner, if they truly behaved in that manner. What made them behave this way, etc. Confronting your partner can make many things clear for you. And even you might avoid fighting.

· Accept your mistakes, if any

If you find out it was your mistake, accept it and apologize for it. A simple sorry can work wonders to save your relationship. Don’t give more importance to your ego than your relationship.