· Schedule a family meeting

The most ideal way to solve any issue is to talk about it. Many times problems are created due to misunderstandings and lack of information. It is important that you collect all the family members at one place and discuss about your matter. So schedule a meeting when everyone is available.

· Focus on solving the issue

The main focus of the meeting should be to solve the problem. Discussion should be related to the topic and not about how someone hurt you. Have a healthy discussion leading to a solution to the problem. Cool down your tempers and then start the discussion otherwise there’s going to be no solution but more fights.

· Listen to everyone’s viewpoint

Every member should be given a chance to speak. Everyone’s view should be listened to and should be acknowledged. Because someone is younger in age their opinion should not be ignored. When everyone is allowed to speak one by one, many misunderstandings will be cleared. Ask questions to other members, answer honestly to the questions asked .

· Decide on a solution that benefits everyone

Everyone must attend the meeting with the intention of finding the solution. Only then can you truly find a solution, if any one person is not willing to solve, then there are going to be problems. Every member should see that no single member must be at loss. Everyone must be benefited by the solution.

· Seek help

Seek help from an outsider but someone who knows your family well and is not biased. There are many professionals and commoners who are great at solving disputes, you must seek help from them if you by yourself can’t solve the issue.

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