We often share details of our relationship with our friends in order to take opinions and advice to make necessary decisions and with a trust that they will help us to overcome the problems and improve your relationship. However, not all friends are the real ones some of them are enemies in disguise. The main reason behind friends turning into foes is jealousy. If you are having a good relationship someone who you assume to be your good friend can get jealous and try to ruin your relationship. Here are some common signs that your BFF is the villain in your relationship.

· They often advise you to end it with your partner

Best friends would never advise you to break up with your partner unless you feel like doing so or they can see the pain you are going through. If your friend says you don’t deserve the person don’t trust them. If you don’t deserve them, your friend should have told you beforehand and not after so many months into the relationship. If they are jealous they’ll surely try to end your relationship with your partner and the first thing they’ll do is to advise you to end it.

· Make fun of your relationship

Another thing they do is constantly make fun of your relationship, the main motive is to make you agree with them and when you start feeling that your relationship is not good enough, they are going to achieve what they want. So if your friend starts making fun of your relationship stop them there and then.

· They don’t let you spend enough time with your partner

If your friend is always the third wheel whenever you plan to hangout with your partner they probably don’t want you to spend alone time with your partner. Avoid telling your plans to such friends and if they still interfere state it clearly that you are not letting us spend time alone.

· Keep telling you negative points about your partner

Honestly, no friend will ever talk negatively about your boyfriend to you. If your friend constantly talks about negative things about your boyfriend and that doesn’t really seem true, you should know what your friend is trying to do. What is important is never have a blind trust on your friend.

· They will insult you in front of your partner

They will irritate you or talk rubbish to you just to bring the worst side of you in front of your partner and then use it as an opportunity to insult you in front of your partner so that your partner thinks you are not a good person and ends the relationship.

Such friends do exist so beware of them and don’t have blind faith in anyone. If you know your partner loves you and is a nice person, always cross-questions and clarify things from him as well as other people. Don’t just trust a single person.

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