When we love someone more than ourselves, we tend to sacrifice more than we should for the sake of our relationship. Everything you think about and do is just for your lover and nothing for you. This phenomenon slowly turns you into a self-loathing and too generous person who forgets about all the standards that you once greatly respected. Willingness to compromise is a must in a relationship but only to some extent. You start giving up on the things that you hold dearly and which make you the person you are, that’s where it takes an unhealthy turn. Here are some of those few things:-

  •       Self-beliefs 

You as a person have your own thoughts and principles. It doesn’t matter whether someone agrees with them or not. You should always stick to your beliefs. Your values and principles are what makes you what you are. You lose them, and you lose yourself.

  •        Dreams

Love is on one side and your goals on another. You have been working hard since school days so that you can see yourself completing all your dreams. Giving away those dreams takes away the happiness inside you and that leaves no meaning to the relationship. If you have to go away for some time to complete your dreams, try long-distance relationships.

  •     Friends and family

It is not always merrier when your partner meets your friends and family. He/she may not like the people you hang around with and may also request you to keep your distances. Remember to choose your friends a family. They have been with you since forever. And if someone truly loves you, they will never put you through making such a difficult decision.

  •         Your respect and dignity

Often during a fight, couples exchange abusive words or hurtful comments that leave a permanent mark in your heart. However, people often regret saying such things about the people they love and they usually apologize. But if your partner keeps disrespecting you and giving you a hard time by delivering hurtful comments, its time to take a stand for your self-respect. You are only human and can take only a few insults irrespective of how much you love your partner.

Positive compromises are good for a relationship. But sacrificing things that make you what you are is what becomes toxic in a relationship. Sacrificing your sleep to take care of your partner in sickness is positive but when they make you do so for their own selfish reasons, that’s where you need to pull the plug.

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