Are you in love? Does your partner really love you?

       Most theories say that a good relationship depends on how intimate you are with your partner, which is not entirely true you need to always make sure that your partner really loves you and is loyal to you inside out. Always look for the signs and evidence about what’s going on inside your partners head or what are their intentions with respect to you, what they expect from you.

Here are 5 sign to know that your partner really loves you:

  • They trust you

       If your partner truly loves you they will never doubt you. They will trust you with all their heart, they will not try to always find your location or your company or snoops through your phone to check your chats and calls and always believe what you say to them, yes, they are the ones who really are in love with you and care for you and trust you completely.

  • They want more of you

     They want to spend more and more time with you, they want to talk to you about your day. They’ll always show interest in your life and will want to know more.  Even if they are heck busy with their work, family or any other commitments they’ll always consider you as a priority and make out some time out for you and have some alone time with you, share their things with you and be with you in the moment.

  • Always help you out

   As we get busy in life, more lazy and selfish we become to think about anyone else. Apart from this thing, if a person tries to help you out when you are in trouble, that person really loves you and cares to not leave you in trouble and help you out.

  • Considers your decisions

    Couples tend to make life decisions together, from smallest to the biggest decisions of life. But there are few decisions to be made individually. If your partner really respects your life decisions and tries to work accordingly, he/she is the one.

  • Make you feel good about yourself

    If your partner truly cares about you tries to boost your self-esteem, sense of identity, self-confidence and positivity. They’ll never make you feel wasted, alone or low. They’ll always try to make you happy and comfort you in your hard times.

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