Pregnancy is a very difficult yet beautiful period in a couple’s life. The woman going through lots of body changes, hormonal changes and leading to the mood swings which makes it difficult for the couple to have a normal stable relationship. There’s a lot of love, respect and understanding present in the couple yet there’s something that makes it difficult to handle the relationship during pregnancy. With all the attention on the mother to be, it’s likely that the male partner is completely ignored. The dads are going through a lot of anticipation and insecurity during this period and sometimes also guilt. They are insecure about what if they aren’t able to bond as much as the mother and guilty about putting his love through so much pain. Therefore it’s necessary to give them required attention and make them feel loved from time to time. Try these 5 ways to bond with your partner.

· Do outings

You can’t go for long tours, fine but you can definitely go for nearby locations to refresh yourself, provided your health and doctor permits you to travel. Weekend getaways are a great way to bond with your partner and spend quality time with each other, away from responsibilities and work is replenishing.

· Listen to him

Whether you have realised it or not but during pregnancy you are leaning too much over your partner. Therefore it’s necessary to constantly stay connected to your partner and listen to how he is feeling, you might think that it is you who pushing the baby out of you so he has little to worry about but it’s a completely new world for him too and thus it’s equally important to take care of and understand him.

· Make him feel that we are in this together

During pregnancy, you require a lot of emotional support and physical help. You must therefore not try to be independent during this period and ask for help from your partner. By doing this you involve him in your journey which makes him feel better and lets him know that this journey is to be wandered by both of you together.

· Keep him updated

It’s important that you share your feelings and the changes you feel in your body to your partner. Also, keep him updated about the baby’s development. Have a nice chat on what organs of the baby are developing in this period and other baby-related talks. Keep him involved and share everything with him so that he doesn’t feel left out.

· Have fun together

Cook together, binge watch a series, eat your favourite food, go on a walk, exercise and lots of other stuff that you enjoy. Doing this stuff together will help you enjoy each others company and also create a beautiful bond before you welcome your baby.

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