At some point in a relationship, it tends to become less serious and couples find it difficult to cope up with it. This isn’t something that happens rarely, in fact, it is safe to assume that almost every couple has to go through this phase of a relationship. However, the couples that don’t give up on their love for each and strive to be together are the ones that can survive this phase. In any case, there can be many ways to improve and make your relationship stronger again just the way it was when it began. One of them is to read romantic quotes and sayings to make the spark of love inside you turn into flames of overflowing romance. Here are some such quotes to bring love in your life:-

  • “I’m not telling you it is going to be easy- I am telling you it is going to be worth it.”  ~ Art Williams
  • “Let’s not forget it’s you and me vs. The problem… Not you vs. Me.”    ~ Steve Maraboli
  • If you truly love someone, being faithful is easy. ~ Unknown
  • “Relationships end too soon because people stop putting in the same effort to keep you, as they did to win you.”  ~ Unknown
  • “He can’t read your mind. So take a moment to let him know how you really feel.” ~ Unknown
  • “At a touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”  ~ Plato
  • “Who, being loved, is poor?”  ~ Oscar Wilde
  • “Love is a game that two can play and both can win.” ~ Eva Gabor
  • “Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.” ~Unknown
  • Someone who truly loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, and how hard you can be to handle but still wants you. ~ Unknown
  • “The greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in.” ~ Unknown
  • “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”  ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • “Assumptions are the termites of relationships” ~ Henry Winkler
  • “It doesn’t matter who hurt you or broke you down. What matters is who made you smile again.” ~ Unknown

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