Is it necessary to know your partner’s past? Well, if you are looking to know them better through it it’s acceptable but you are judging them on the basis of their past then it’s unacceptable. Whatever happens in past should always stay in the past. Pasts can be somehow difficult to handle while getting into a new relationship, but yet we get over it and give it a try. You don’t have to go in detail about it. But the rule is you need to tell your partner about past relationships, whether you have cheated on someone or if someone has cheated on you. This act will help you trust your partner more and increase a sense of attachment in between you. We all learn from our mistakes, whatever mistakes you do in the past should remain in the past. One should not force their partner to open up to them. Talking about past relationships can give your partner insight into who you are, what are your priorities, and how you deal with things. Reflecting on past relationships can also help you figure out yourself even more with your new partner.

They can help you sort your problems or insecurities.

The past disappointments can become future successes by sharing it with your new partner if we share it with them. Analyzing your mistakes and your past experience with your new partner will help to grow from it and not let it repeat them. If you had a big break in between the relationships you might have gone through the process of overthinking and self-doubting. But by sharing it with your new partner you might actually get relief from all these insecurities. Try to have an open conversation and focus on the positive side of the past and not the negatives. This might help you to talk to your partner freely about any subjects in the future as well.

Talking about your past in the initial stage of your new relationship isn’t really a great idea. Give time to your relationship to develop a bond and trust. No person will like their partner to talk about their exes and about their past in the conversation of knowing each other and going out for the initial days.

Apart from all this, always remember to move forward in your life. Never get stuck into the past, once you’ve shared your past with them forget it. And focus on building your relationship and to make new rules for both.