· Cuddling is a game-changer

Studies have shown that couples who cuddle a lot have a lasting marriage. Even if you don’t have sex every night it is important that you sleep close to each other and cuddle every night to keep the bonding intact and better. Even small cuddling can create a big impact on sexual relations between couples.

· The honeymoon phase is maybe a myth

There’s a lot of talk about the honeymoon phase, which means newly married couple get intimate a lot during this phase and the intimacy reduces after that, which cannot be true for every couple. If you wish you can continue your intimacy throughout. In fact, you should get intimate more often for a successful marriage.

· Sharing household work means more sex

Generally, women do all the household chores. If you share some household chores of your wife or husband there would enough time and energy saved for both of you. This will surely improve your sex life. One person doing all work will consume all his/her energy and then there is no mood to get intimate. So make sure to help your partner in their work.

· Small fights are good to bring you closer

Every relationship has arguments but it’s important how you resolve the argument. In most relationship arguments are over petty issues and such small fights, when resolved, brings two partners more closer. So don’t be scared to fight with your partner because arguments and not talking to each other makes you realise the significance of your partner in your life.

· Marriage makes you healthier

Studies have shown that marriage is beneficial for men. As compared to unmarried or divorced men, married men are more healthy and happier. Mostly marriage makes and keeps your heart healthier, maybe because you have someone to share and someone to talk to, someone who supports you emotionally which is important to reduce stress and pressure.

· Divorce is contagious

Divorce is the contagious meaning divorce of closed one can lead to your divorce too. So it’s advisable to choose your friends wisely and don’t get involved in someone else’s divorce issue, as individuals who are getting divorced, are likely to influence their friends to get divorced too.

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