There are a lot of questions about sex during pregnancy, is it safe? Is the major one. Yes, sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe for the mother as well as the baby. Another question arises, is it comfortable? Again the answer is yes! As long as you are willing to do it and your doctor hasn’t suggested otherwise, it’s absolutely fine to have sex during pregnancy. Here are some benefits of having sex during pregnancy.

· Pregnancy sex can even feel better than the normal one, Surging hormones can send your sex drive higher than usual. The increased blood flow to your vulva can heighten your sensitivity and thus you can feel a more powerful orgasm.

· Having sex during pregnancy makes sure you are relieved from stress from time to time. Sex helps you feel good, more good feelings for you means that your baby is exposed to fewer stress hormones like cortisol, which can have a positive impact on your little one’s development both before and after birth.

· Having an orgasm stimulates your uterus to contract. Unless you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy and your body is ready to begin the birthing process, these contractions aren’t strong enough to make you go into labour. However, it’s also perfectly fine to have sex at the end days of your pregnancy as it may help the delivery of the baby.

· Pregnancy can be an emotional roller coaster ride where you experience all sorts of emotions and mood swings. Sex can be a great way to help forget those sad and stressful emotions and just be in the moment and enjoy it. In addition to that, the oxytocin surge that comes when you orgasm boosts feelings of love and happiness, making you feel even closer to your partner.

· Sex during pregnancy can also give you these health benefits and ease the side effects of pregnancy, which are very vital during such a period, they are:

– Burn some extra calories

– Ease pain and discomfort

– Lower your blood pressure

– Sleep more soundly

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