“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours”Tia Walker

Since you were babies until you start earning your parents have taken care of you not just financially but by all means. It’s now your responsibility that you payback to them by loving them and taking care of them. Your parents struggled a lot all their lives to give you the best life they could. Now it’s your turn to let them have a stress free life.

Tips to take care of your parents

· Provide a healthy diet

As they have aged it is important to maintain their diet well. Eating healthy is always important but especially when you have aged. A good diet will keep your parents away from unnecessary illness and keep them healthy and fit. Along with good food, you must ask your parents to exercise or just go for a walk.

· Regular doctor visits

Regular check-up is necessary to be updated about their health, if they already are suffering from a certain illness you must take care of their medication. Keep a tab whether or not they are regularly taking medicines.

· Be their support

Your parents were your biggest support all your life but now they need your support. Just being there for them will give them confidence. So be there for them don’t ignore them.

· Spend quality time with them

Have a great family time with your parents and children around. Your parents are probably feeling alone and left out. You must therefore cheer them up by spending your weekends with them. Also ask your children to spend time with their grandparents.

· Don’t disrespect

Never ever disrespect your parents. Even if you feel they are not understanding you, you should not disrespect them. If they ask you to come over don’t neglect their invitation visit them. Show love and respect to them. This will make them happy.

· Fulfil their wishes and needs

If your old parents desire to eat something or have something you must fulfil their wishes. Also, take care of their needs.

It might be financially difficult to manage but you can take help from government funds allowed for the old age people and many such funds from various NGOs.