Rejection can really weaken our confidence and self-esteem, but know your self worth and buckle up. Here are a few tips to help you heal from rejection.

· Accept your feelings

Don’t try to hide your feelings or suppress them. Rather allow yourself to go through the feelings. If you feel like crying you should cry and let go of your feelings. Try to cope with your feelings and then get over it rather than ignoring them. Holding on to something doesn’t let you be happy instead accept those feelings of rejection and move on

· Understand your self worth

Don’t lose your confidence because you got rejected you should know that you yourself are more worthy than anything in the world. While you are facing rejection try to practice self-love. Be positive tell yourself that nothing is as important than your happiness and you should not let anything affect it.

· Don’t take it personally

You must understand that when someone rejects you it does not always have to be something about you that is wrong. There can be many other reasons for someone rejecting you. Don’t blame yourself for it. It is not going to affect your future life in any way. You need to move on thinking that this is not the right person for you.

· Spend time with people who love you

When you are facing rejection and feeling low about yourself. Go to someone who has accepted you and who loves you. It will help you understand your worth.

· Keep yourself busy

The feeling of rejection can be depressing. So once you have let your feelings out of your heart. Don’t go back to them. Invest your time in something else. Make new friends, spend time with old ones, go on a vacation. Etc.