· You only hear them when they need something

These types of people will be talking with you with sugar on their lips when they need something from you. You might not have heard from this person for the last six months but here they are asking for a favour like your best friend. Understand this trait and stay away, helping someone in need is ok but don’t help someone who is using you just to fulfil their needs.

· They gossip about other friends to you

There are these friends whom you believe to be your best friends but they keep on gossiping about their other best friends, which must be a hint for you that someone you think as a best friend might be gossiping about you to other people. You must not share your secrets with such people or any detail of your life for that matter.

· They vanish when you need them

If you have friends, who vanish when you actually need them then probably they aren’t your good friends. Because real friends never leave you, they stick by your aide through thick and thin. But friends who are with you only in your good times and only when they have something to gain from you should be discarded soon.

· They aren’t happy with your achievements

You can clearly state, who is happy with your achievements and who is not. If you find your friend sad and grumpy about your achievements, they are probably jealous and real friends are never jealous of each other. If your friend is jealous about your good times then I think you must give up on such a friend.

· They point out your flaws

Real friends you as you are, they don’t point out your flaws. If you find your friend pointing out your flaws and complaining about your lifestyle and choices avoid such friends they are not the real ones.

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