· Let the person know that you care

You can’t really have the right thing to say when someone in front of you is going through emotional trauma. But you must let them know that you care about them and you are there for them. Let your actions speak more than your words. Choose the tone of your voice wisely. Say things that are not judgemental but accepting. Hug the person in pain and tell them it’s perfectly ok to cry and express their feelings.

· Be sensitive and empathic

Avoid saying things that may sound insensitive depending upon the situation. Also rather be empathic than sympathetic. Understand their feelings and let them feel them, don’t just make statements to make them feel better. Just be there and listen to them.

· Maintain contact

Saying I am there for you doesn’t help. Maintain contact with the person. Call them often to know how they are feeling. Don’t just be there for a day, be there for as long as they need you.

· Don’t force them to be happy

Don’t ever say ‘look at brighter side’ while consoling them. They are suffering from tremendous loss, you can’t just ask them to be happy. Don’t force them to be happy or take them to parties with you. Let them be, let them feel every emotions.

· Help them to move on

When they seem ready, help them to move on. Now you can take them to happy places and try to make them happy. While doing so let them speak, listen to what they want to do to move on and help in that direction. Don’t force to do anything they are not willing to do.

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