· Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is important. To maintain this relationship along with friendship, you must set limits which should not be crossed by either party. Having sex with each other doesn’t mean that you should get more rights than that of a friend. Have a conversation with your friend to state what is allowed and what is not. Having a clear conversation once is necessary doesn’t matter if you have already had sex you can still have the conversation.

· Decide time frame of this relationship

You must decide the time frame of the relationship beforehand. So that you know when to stop and there’s no argument over this later on. Also, it is better to decide the time frame so that you don’t get emotionally attached. It can be six months or a year or until you get in a relationship. Whatever your conditions are, be clear about it and decide the period of this relationship.

· Don’t spend much time together

Besides sex don’t spend more time with each other, you can spend time with your other friends as a group. But spending time with each other like going on dates might develop feelings in both of you. Spending time together for a long time can get you emotionally attached and it can get complicated if only one person gets emotionally attached.

· Avoid sleeping over

Leave your friends house or ask your friend to leave after sex to avoid sleeping together. Sleeping over will include cuddling and hugging which will eventually lead to emotional attachment. So, avoid spending the night together. Also, avoid talking about sex and other things with each other after sex. Just step out after sex from that zone and be normal friends.

· Be honest if you develop feelings

Sex alone is a very intimate thing and it might get you to develop feelings for your friend even if you took necessary steps to avoid it. So when you develop feeling for your friend be honest and express it as soon as possible before you get too attached and it hurts to break the relationship. If your friend has developed feelings too then you can get into romantic relationship if you want.

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