· You got a new job

The best reason to quit your current job is if you got a new one. But hold on, If you have a better opportunity with a better pay scale, you must go ahead with quitting this job. But if you have a lower pay scale and lower position, then you must think of your decision. Also, before quitting make sure you have a confirmed offer letter in your hand.

· Difficult work environment

If you have a difficult work environment and if it’s affecting your mental health, you just quit the job. Negative co-workers or difficult boss can make it difficult to survive in the same organization. If at all, you are unable to deal with it you should leave the job.

· Wanting to change career path

Wanting to change a career path can be a good reason to quit. If you have decided to follow your passion or do what you love and you are sure about it., quite the job. But make sure you have enough talent to earn money through it.

· Getting paid less than you deserve

If you are not getting paid enough or not getting promoted or you feel your work is not acknowledged it’s time to say goodbye One should never work for someone who doesn’t appreciate his efforts.

· You hate your job

If you totally hate what you are doing right now, you must quit it because if you keep doing it, it’s going to affect your mental health. But don’t quite it straightaway, you must first search for a new job or decide what you would do after quitting if you have a plan go for it.

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