Most of us go through heartbreak at least once in lifetime. It’s definitely not easy to deal with a heartbreak specially when you are emotionally involved for a long time. Getting over a heartbreak takes lots of effort and strength and time. However, it is not impossible to move on, and here are few tips to assist you.

· Let yourself be

Don’t just force yourself to be fine. It’s perfectly ok to cry over a heartbreak. You have invested a lot of time and emotions in that person and its definitely going to take long time to get over it. So just be nice to yourself and share your feelings with someone who cares. Having said that you need to understand the fact that at some point you need to stop thinking about it and move ahead in life.

· Cut off all the strings with your ex

Many people have the habit of stalking their ex, it doesn’t help you in any way instead weakens you. It is normal to crave the attention you used to get but if you give into this feeling and keep trying to contact your ex, it is going to hurt you more. Clean all the memories with your ex in form of photos, videos or gifts.

· Make yourself busy

Make yourself busy with work or take up a new hobby just don’t keep yourself idle. The time you would otherwise spend with your partner can now be used to learn something new or to make yourself better.

· Socialize

Make plans with friends, go out and have fun with them. Don’t let someone destroy your happiness. Don’t sit at home feel sad about being alone. Remember there are many people you can spend time with.

· Forgive your ex

It is quite important to forgive if you want to forget. If you don’t forgive you hold on the anger, the resentment, the pain in your heart and these feelings won’t let you forget your past and move on.