This lockdown has messed up almost everyone’s sleeping schedules. People waking up at 5 am now sleep at 5 am and wake up somewhere in the afternoon. But it is known to all that a proper goodnights sleep is mandatory for the smooth functioning of our body. At least 7-9 hours of sleep is must for an average human every day. Babies and children must sleep for more hours.

To ensure you don’t lose sleep at night, few options must be tried.

  1. Don’t sleep in the afternoon. Since you already covered a part of your sleep in the afternoon you won’t be sleepy until past midnight.
  2. Make sure your body is tired enough to rest. Exercise and try working out to make you feel tired and sleepy at night.
  3. Don’t spend long hours in front of mobile or computer screens after sunset. They emit light rays similar to the sun, manipulating our brain to think it is still day time.
  4. Don’t consume water just before sleeping. This will wake you up to take washroom breaks and interrupt your sleep. Hydrate yourself in the morning.
  5. Try going to bed as early as by 10 pm. This will give you a good amount of deep sleep and allow you to wake up fresh in the morning.

Lack of sleep can be troublesome. If you miss the daily amount of sleep you should get, it will affect your work in the day. Here are the effects of sleep deprivation: –

  1.  Trouble remembering.
  2. Depressed and tired all day.
  3. You feel more pain in your body.
  4. It weakens your immune system and invites sicknesses.
  5. Increases risk of major diseases like diabetes or heart attack.
  6. You become less sexually active.
  7. Your face shows sins of rough skin and wrinkles. Eyes get surrounded by dark circles.

Considering all these aspects, I hope we all understand the significance of sleep in our daily life. This information should help you get enough insight to maintain and improve your sleeping conditions.