Getting married is not an easy task, especially if you are an Indian. With all the rituals and ceremonies it’s a hectic period for bride and groom. Going on a honeymoon is a way to relax after a stressful and tiring day of ceremonies. Therefore you must go on a honeymoon, it doesn’t need to be an exotic destination any place away from home yet comfortable can do.

Why do we need honeymoons?

Honeymoon after marriage is necessary and almost every couple goes on honeymoon after marriage. Here are a few reasons why it is important to go on a honeymoon.

· To connect with each other

Most of Indians have arranged marriage and therefore get less time to spend with their spouse before marriage. The honeymoon period is such which is before the married life starts and after the marriage and is the perfect time to bond with each other and create a connect. For a healthy married life, a strong connection between the couple is very important and the honeymoon is one way where you are all alone with each other and can spend most of your time together with no disturbance at all.

· To relax

With all the rituals and the celebration of your marriage, you both are definitely very tired to start your stressful life again and therefore it is necessary to take some time off and relax and nothing better than going on a vacation to relax. Book a good comfortable hotel, wherever you go and spend most of your time relaxing and chilling.

· To make love

Many of them have saved their Virginity for marriage and for such people and even other couples, the honeymoon is the most exciting period. Sex and romance is something everyone is always curious about. It’s always different after getting married than before. Honeymoon is therefore famous for making love and having lots of sex. Lol

· To create memories

Going on vacation is as hood as creating memories. Every married couple has some memories to share from their honeymoon. It’s such a special period and every couple enjoys this period and not just about romance and getting intimate it’s also about spending time together, visiting places together, etc. For most couples, it’s their first time to travel with the love of their life.

· To celebrate

Sure, there was a celebration back at home with hundreds of people but it’s a completely different experience to celebrate your marriage with your spouse. Honeymoon is important, so that you can celebrate your marriage by doing things you won’t be able to do at your home like drinking alcohol, having lots of sex and just being together for every minute.

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