· Develop friendship

Being good friends with someone you are married is quite necessary to have a better married life. Hence before falling in love try to become best friends. Spend time with each other, encourage each other, make each other laugh, that’s how good friendship is built. It then becomes easier to fall in love or ignite love between the two of you. So first, accept each other as your friend.

· Love filled letters or flowers

Even if you are engaged and are going to get married, don’t miss the opportunity of impressing your partner. Buy her flowers or chocolates to make her smile, write a love-filled letter to your partner and state how much they matter to you. These small things make a huge difference in your partner heart and they can’t help but fall in love with you.

· Netflix and chill

The best way to spend time together is having chill time with your partner while watching a series or a movie. Netflix and chill have become quite popular among today’s generation. It’s the best way to get close to each other and have your time together where no one would be disturbing your private time.

· Sharing duties

Sharing duties not only makes you supportive of your partner but also helps you get enough time to spend with each other. Burdening your wife with all the load of chores will make her tired by the end of the day and you won’t be able to have your private moments. Helping your spouse in cooking and cleaning also improves your bond and will eventually help you to build love in your relationship.

· Don’t try to change each other

Accepting your partner as they are is very important. When you try to change someone, you try to snatch them from themselves. You somehow restrict them from being themselves and this will definitely affect your relationship. The important rule of marriage is to compromise, you won’t ever get everything you want, you must learn to compromise with the things as they are. However, compromising doesn’t mean compromise while choosing a partner. In arrange marriage you must choose your partner wisely and with your own will.

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