After spending a long time together happily as a couple there is no doubt that you will wish to celebrate your relationship. Anniversaries give us that chance and remind you that you have been through hell and heaven together. You were always there for each other since the day you exchanged vows and that is the reason why should celebrate the day. But every time the topic comes the question of “what should we do?” arises and we can’t think of anything to do. Here are some tips to celebrate your anniversary: –

  • The first step is to wish each other in bed at midnight. You must remember the day in the first place! Talk about your journey together and fall asleep cuddling each other.
  • Wake up early and spend the extra time talking and cooking breakfast together. Have the delicious breakfast together and express how fortunate you are to be with her/him.
  • If it is the day of the holiday, you can start your day by visiting your parents and friends. Happiness increases on sharing it!! You can also finish some tasks together that keep reserved for the holidays, like buying a new mattress or visiting the market.
  • If it is a normal weekday, go to work and make sure you talk at least once during lunch. You should be home by evening.
  • Choose a perfect romantic place to spend the evening together. You can go to a romantic movie too. You can go for a walk around the lake or park. Whatever suits your locality.
  • Finally, visit a fancy restaurant for dinner. You must be hungry from all that walking in the evening. Order your favourite foods and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Get back home and you can take a long bath together. You can both just lay in the bathtub together and relax. You can go back to bed and exchange gifts if any.
  • End your wonderful day with some intimacy. Have wonderful anniversary special sex and relive the younger days. Be wild if you wish to, it will add some spice to your marriage.

What matters the most at the end of the day is that you spend the day together. You can also plan a vacation to a romantic place and celebrate it there. Follow these steps if you want to have a simple but special celebration.