As a couple of is very important that you have an end of the day conversation, so that you can share your experiences from that day. It’s an essential habit and every couple must follow it. It helps in participating in each other’s life and letting them know that you are there for them. Here are six tips to have an effective conversation with your partner at the end of the day.

· Be a good listener

It’s very valuable to be a good listener. When your partner is speaking pay full attention to them and listen to them carefully, don’t change the topic or start talking something of your own. It’s ideal that you both take turns and talk one by one so that no one intervenes other. Your partner might be angry, emotional or happy listen to their stories and let them express themselves when you interfere they might lose the link and might get angrier so above all just be a good listener.

· Show compassion

Show compassion while your partner is talking, maintain eye contact, hug them if they need it. Be patient with them, ask questions to understand them better. Express love and care so that they feel better and it also lets them know that you love them no matter what and you are always there to support your partner through thick and thin.

· Don’t advice unless asked for it

This is one of the most crucial tips. Never ever advise your partner unless they ask for your advice. Sometimes all your partner wants is someone to listen to their struggles or experiences and sympathise or empathise with them and instead of that if you start giving advice then it might get them frustrated and things might go wrong between you both. So always stay mum about advice unless you are asked to. Also, don’t try to change how they feel or fix a problem for them, sometimes it’s ok to cry and let your emotions out and don’t stop your partner from doing so.

· Express your understanding and validate their emotions

Show empathy, express it that you can understand their situation and you can imagine how they must be feeling right now. If you don’t understand what they want to say, politely ask for an explanation. If they are crying for something you think is really silly but still, you should validate their feelings by saying, I know how you must be feeling right now, it’s so hard for you etc. Validation of feelings makes them feel better and thus will help them recover faster.

· Be supportive

Be on your partner’s side. If they took some major decision today, if your partner had a dispute that day or anything happened during the day make sure to always be on your partner’s side and talk to them. Be supportive of their decision and thoughts, so that they’ll be confident to talk to you about everything that’s on their mind and thus helps you deal better with the situation.

· Correct them if they are wrong

Beings supportive doesn’t mean ignoring if you feel your partner is wrong. If you think your partner has made a mistake, you should tell them but your tone should be soft and calm so that they understand what you are trying to say. If you raise your voice then it will turn into an argument. So point out their mistakes and tell them why you feel they are wrong and then listen to them as why they did that mistake.

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