Relationship emotional manipulation can be challenging to spot.

You can find yourself continuously analyzing your own behavior rather than the other person due to the subtlety of some manipulation techniques.

Your mental health may be affected if you are a victim of manipulation in a romantic relationship. But by becoming aware of the warning indicators, you can take action to safeguard yourself.

Psychological manipulation frequently refers to statements, omissions, and behaviors intended to influence another person’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Their perception of themselves, the relationship, and the world at large may change as a result.

Constant manipulation in relationships can lower your self-esteem and exacerbate anxiety or depressive symptoms.

Family and romantic relationships aren’t the only ones that can be manipulated. It may also come up in relationships at work or even in friendships.

There are several signs to look out for that may indicate you’re experiencing manipulation in your relationship.

1. You try to ignore your gut

2. You wonder: Is it you?

3. You feel guilty

4. Your sense of self is blurred

5. You walk on eggshells

6. You begin to question your mental health

Not all manipulators are conscious of what they are doing. They might assume that’s how relationships operate or perhaps think you’re manipulating them, forcing them to react.

They might be aware of their acts in some cases, but not necessarily of how they affect you.

Then there are others who engage in games of manipulation while well aware of what they are doing and the effects on others.

They aren’t necessarily the “evil guy” as a result of this. Instead, it can be a sign that they have a mental health issue and need treatment from a specialist.

Source:psych central