We all agree that being parents is the toughest thing we have ever done. Although we might also agree that it is rewarding.

Whether it was pre planned or not from the moment of conception until the day the child is born, parents go on a joyful emotional journey that never ends. When we see those two double red lines on the pregnancy test strip, we are overjoyed and on cloud nine. The mental calmness is divine. It is indescribable to even consider a small life developing inside of us. The phases of our life are then broken down into pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, birthing, postpartum period, and parenting. Each of these levels is accompanied by a daily roller coaster of encounters.

Being able to conceive, witnessing that small human life developing in our womb, giving birth, and watching our newborn baby grow up are all wonderful experiences. The hardest part of being a parent, though, begins once our child is born. Our lives are permanently changed, and this change is permanent.

We make a lot of effort to raise our children in the greatest manner possible.

Parenthood embodies the following qualities:

1. The most joyful, yet most challenging, task of the day is taking care of our children. Here are a few things to do to keep kids occupied.

2. Even though we may love the responsibility of parenting in the beginning, it can become stressful as time goes on. Throughout, we face difficulties and conflicts.

3. Children are a vital source of joy, fulfillment, and pride. Parenting gives us a sense of emotional fulfillment, and we long to spend more time with our children.

4. Sometimes having children means sacrificing one’s career. Evidently, the times we have with our children make up for all of the losses. Children are demanding and reliant on us; they need us constantly and everywhere.

5. We face difficulties and tribulations as parents throughout. We are put to the test; it is a test of our love, tolerance, and comprehension.

Source:The mom store

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