Similar to Ayurveda, the kitchen represents power, sustenance, and joy in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastukar Neeta Sinha of Mumbai-based AstroArchitecture, “Many of our health issues may really be related to improper Vastu in the kitchen.” She also reaffirms the impracticality of these rigid guidelines in a modern residential context.

1. Putting Safety First

Instead, she places emphasis on selecting a setting that allows for simple movement. Keep your kitchen well-organized, exactly like the galley of an airplane or the back of a restaurant, and put safety above aesthetics.

2. Facing the east

Since the east governs daybreak, sharpens the mind, and promotes success, it is said that when items are prepared to face this direction, they naturally attract abundance because of the sunshine.

3. Lucky kitchen colors

For the kitchen, always choose neutral hues like white or pastel tones. The psychology behind why one would want to wear bright colors during the summer is the same.

4. Segregating kitchen appliances

Since the stove represents the element of fire and the other items represent water, they shouldn’t be placed too close to one another. They produce contradicting temperatures when they’re near together and can make everyone working in the space continually unwell.

5. Fixing the faucets

Anywhere in the home, including the kitchen, a leaky tap or dripping pipe signifies that money is being taken out of one’s life and needs to be fixed right away.

Source: Architectural digest

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