Vision is one of the powerful strength of successful people. A person who can visualise the future and goals can work in the right direction to achieve those goals. Basically, visualization is all about generating a mental picture that helps you achieve your goals. It serves as a motivation and also as a relief from stress and anxiety.

We need visualisation techniques to achieve our goals because they provide us with motivation, they boost confidence in us and they help reduce our anxiety and increase our focus on a particular goal. Visualisation techniques help you remind what you are or want to achieve and thus keeps inspiring you and help you ignore the distractions to focus completely on your goal.

Here are some visualisation techniques you must follow.

· Visualise yourself as successful

It’s one of the easiest visualising technique. All you have to do is imagine yourself succeed in achieving your goal. Whatever your goal is, be it receiving a medal in academics or sports or to become a successful businessman, you should visualise yourself as you’ve already achieved your goal. As long as you have some kind of vision of success in your head, you’ll be able to emerge motivation and confidence from the experience.

· Convert your desires into beliefs

Converting your desires into beliefs is an important and notable visualization technique. Don’t visualise what you want to happen but visualise what you believe can happen. Change your desires into beliefs, instead of thinking it as a wish visualise it as your future you are going to achieve. And make yourself believe that this will happen if you stay true to your goals

· Visualise yourself as someone else

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, there might be someone you look up to, some successful person who motivates you, visualise yourself as them and try to look at the world with their perspective. This visualization technique allows you to establish a connection with their strongest or weakest moments.

· Visualise to rehearse

Visualise certain scenarios that might happen in your near future and rehearse how would you react to it. This technique will help you stay confident and stress-free when dealing with a new situation as you have already rehearsed the way you are going to talk or react.

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